Lanzhou in China

The city of Lanzhou was known as the ‘Golden City’ and has a rich and lucrative history that spans some two thousand years. It was part of the main Silk Route, which led to the city gaining economic stability and increasing prosperity from early on. Today, Lanzhou is the capital of the Gansu Province and popular business destination, covering an area of 1 631 square kilometers and home to approximately 3.14 million residents.

A twenty-kilometer stretch of Lanzhou’s urban corridor it located on the banks of the Yellow River, that flows from the west, through to the east. It is a city that is flanked by mountains, with the Quilian Ranges, Mount Kongtong and Mount Pingliang on opposite side of the city. Lanzhou attracts many visitors to its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking mountain views. From a business travel perspective, Lanzhou is a city filled with opportunities and various industries that maintain the riches of the city. The old Silk Route still provides the city with income, not through trade, but through the tourist industry. Lanzhou is also the geometrical center of the country and is therefore the hub of telecommunications and transportation. Business people and investors will find the city to be a treasure trove of lucrative industries, including oil refineries, metallurgical industries, petrochemical industries, rubber, textiles and machinery. The Chenggyan district of Lanzhou is the known center for culture, economy, politics and scientific research. Surrounding areas of the city are rich in natural resources such as clay, silver, gold, dolomite, coal, zinc, manganese and nickel.

The agricultural industry flourishes in this region, as there is ample transportation to move their products, which include melons, tobacco, spring wheat, beans, vegetables, peaches, lilies and roses. The airports of Lanzhou have direct flights to over twenty cities in China and the railroad links the city to Baotou, Beijing, Urumqui and Shanghai. Another factor that counts in their favor is that they have the only railway that connects to Xinjiang, the Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway.

The Anning district in Lanzhou is a development zone, a commercial center and a shopping haven for locals and tourists. Streets such as Linzia Lu, Qingyang Lu, Zhangye Lu and Longxi Lu are popular for commercial activities, while the Dongfanghong Square is home to shopping centers, cafés, entertainment and souvenir stores. For anyone who is considering a business travel excursion to find new opportunities, Lanzhou is a perfect business destination.

In between meetings and conducting business, travelers will also be able to relax and enjoy the many sites and attractions in the city. Recommended sites include the Bingling Temple, Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves, Maiji Caves, Gansu Provincial Museum, Labrang Monastery, Sanke Prairie and the Baita Mountain. From breathtaking nature, noteworthy tourist attractions and exciting business opportunities, Lanzhou has it all.

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