Guiyang in China

If you are thinking about doing business in Guizhou Province, you will have to spend some time in Guiyang in China. Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou Province and it is situated in the center of the province, which is in southwest China. Guiyang is bordered by the Yungui Plateau on the west and the Nanming river on the south. It was first built in 1283 AD during the Yuan Dynasty and it has an interesting nickname. In ancient times the city was surrounded by thick bamboo groves which were used to produce a musical instrument called the Zhu. Thus, the city is sometimes called "Zhu". It is also sometimes called the ‘City in Forest’ because of the lush vegetation which surrounds it.

Tourists will be happy to know that there are plenty of interesting attractions to visit. Hongfeng Lake and Huaxi Park are just two such attractions. You might also want to see the Baihua lake Scenic Area, the Forest Park, the Qianling Park, the Xiangzhi Valley, the Yangming Cave and the Tianhe Pool Scenic Area for other breathtaking natural attractions. The Jiaxiu Tower, Honfu Temple and ancient town of Qingyan are also great places to explore the local culture and traditions. Each of these different attractions have a interesting story to learn and visitors may be kept busy for hours discovering their many little secrets. Another facet of the city which makes it great for touring is that it is home to over 30 minority ethnic groups which means that there is an amazing diversity of folk culture, traditions and activities. These are best demonstrated in the festivals and souvenirs which can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Many choose to buy masks and embroidered costumes to remember their time spent here.

The economy of the Guizhou Province is not as good as it is in other parts of the country but Guiyang is certainly the best part of the province to go if you are interested in conducting business here. As the economic and commercial hub of the province, trade in Guiyang is lively. The GDP per capita for 2003 was US $ 1420 which helped Guiyang to rank 206 out of 659 Chinese cities. Still, the pace of life here is laid back and the weather is mild and somewhat rainy. So make sure that you visit during spring, summer and autumn to make the most out of your stay here. Guiyang may just prove to be the sort of place you were looking to invest in. If it turns out that it is not quite what you were looking for, at least you can enjoy a fabulous vacation with many interesting and breathtaking attractions!

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