Hebei Province in China

The Hebei Province in China might not be as big as its neighbors, but it should not be underestimated. It has a long and distinguished history that started during the period that is known as the Spring and Autumn Period. The states of Yan and Jin took control of the Hebei Province between 722 BC and 476 BC. But during the period 403 BC to 221 BC, the Warring States Period was established and Jin lost the majority of its territory to Zhao. The province became a focal point of territorial wars for many years, and gave birth to legendary warriors and historical dynasties.

This fascinating business destination is located in the North China Plain and is surrounded by the Yan Mountains and the Taihang Mountains, with the highest peak belonging to Mount Xiaowutai, at an altitude of 2 882 meters. Hebei is also home to a few important port cities such as Jingtang, and Huanghua. For business travel within the province, the major cities include Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Zhangjiakou, Baoding, Handan and Qinhuangdao. Qinhuangdao is the second largest and busiest port in China.

To consider investments within the Hebei Province is recommended, as it is known as a competitive business destination due to the steady growth of its economy. Statistics for the year 2004 had shown that the GDP for the year was totaled at US$ 109.6 billion, which was a staggering increase of 12.9 percent over 2003. The agricultural sector of the province produces maize, cotton, soya beans, peanuts, wheat, tobacco, dates, walnuts, fruits and sesame. In the northern region of Hebei, near the port of Tianjin, coal and petroleum is produced. Other industries such as iron, chemicals, food, power, ceramics and textiles, are also found in the province. With such a great variety of industries flourishing in Hebei, business travel to the province could be in the interest of a wide range of business people and investors.

A comprehensive transportation network exists within Hebei, making vacation and business travel convenient and easily accessible. Railways, expressways and the Zhengding Airport in Shijiazhuang provide travelers with various options. But the province is not only a business destination, as it welcomes thousands of visitors each year. There are many noteworthy sites in the province such as the Ming Great Wall, the Chengde Mountain Resort (or Rehe Palace), temples, East Qing Tombs, Zhaozhou Anji Bridge and the village of Xibaipo. The Hebei province is waiting to be explored by tourists and investors alike.

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