Shijiazhuang in China

Shijiazhuang is located near the capital of China, which is Beijing, in the Hebei province. It is a city that started to bloom very late as noticeable changes only started during the 1950’s. From a small quaint village that was no bigger than ten families, that happened to be located on an important railway junction, Shijiazhuang sprouted into a city with a population of approximately 8 million. Today, the city of Shijiazhuang has become a significant industrial city in the Hebei province and a business destination that has grown in popularity with business people and investors.

Shiazhuang is bordered by the Taihang Mountain Range that separates it from the Shanxi province and comprises of a relatively flat terrain with many lakes scattered throughout the landscape surrounding the city. For tourists, the city has many fascinating sites and attractions within the city limits, and some that are a few kilometers drive away on the outskirts. Attractions include the Hebei Museum, Vairo Cave Temple, Temple of Lavish Prosperity and Martyrs’ Memorial. For a day trip, visitors are recommended to stop at the Zhaozhou Bridge, the Longxing Monastery (said to be the oldest in China), the Bailin Temple and Mount Cangyan. Comfortable hotel accommodation in Shijiazhuang is available at the Hebei Grand, the Silver Spring and the Crowne Plaza. In the downtown area of the city, visitors are able to relax with a quiet drink or walk around the market that is teeming with vendors and interesting items for sale.

As a business destination, the city is the ideal location for investors to consider. Shiazhuang has been named Hebei’s economic center due to the large chemical, textile and pharmaceutical industries that are located here. The pharmaceutical company that is situated here is the biggest plant in China and the army has also established its military academy in the city. The well-structured transportation system and the fact that the domestic market has not been developed to its full potential, leaves huge business opportunities open to foreign investors and businessmen. The railway intersection that runs through Shijiazhuang supports the Huanghua to Shuazhou line, the Beijing to Guangzhou line and the line from Taiyuan to Dezhou. The expressways also connect the city to many other local destinations and the Shijiazhuang Daguocun International Airport can assist in transportation and travel to cities across China.

Shijiazhuang is a city with any business opportunities and boasts the infrastructure to support it. From the humble beginnings of a handfull of residents and a railway junction, the city rose to prove itself as a strong economic force and was determined to grow into an independent, bustling city.

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