Wuhan in China

Located at the meeting point of the Han and Yangtze River, stands the populous city of Wuhan. The Capital of Hubei Province, Wuhan is an important economic, political, educational, scientific and cultural hub in Central China. Affectionately known as the ‘Town of One Thousand Lakes’, Wuhan is enjoying extensive growth in many ways and is a fantastic destination both for tourists and business travelers.

Wuhan was established as a city in 1927. Today it boasts a population of some 9 100 000 and consists of the “Three Towns of Wuhan”, namely, Wuchang, Hanyang and Hankou. These sections of Wuhan stand across from eachother on various sides of the Yangtze and Han Rivers and are joined by several well-constructed bridges. There are many methods of transportation that visitors to the city of Wuhan can make use of. These include: train, the Changjiang River Subway, buses, taxis and plane.

The bustling city of Wuhan is the biggest commercial and financial area in Central China. Over time it has developed a number of stable industries including metallurgy, textiles, food and machinery. Other industries which are still in need of some development are light industry, electronics, building materials and chemicals. There are major industry names operating in Wuhan, who sell their products throughout China and overseas. Wuhan is home to over 2 000 financial institutions which engage in the exchange and issuing of stocks and bonds, as well as the financing and saving of capital. Various commercial enterprises are blossoming in Wuhan including state, private and international companies, particularly from France. Indeed, Wuhan’s involvement in business on a wider scope has resulted in immense growth in the local economy. Interestingly, Wuhan also serves as a major port on the Yangze River, as well as an important transportation hub. The city has some 500 universities and research establishments, which are additional resources for the growth of industry in Wuhan. Wuhan certainly has much to offer business people with regard to business and trade opportunities.

As the economy of Wuhan has grown and more and more business people are traveling to the city, there has been a high demand for business traveler accommodation. Many international hotel groups have taken an interest in the city and set up outstanding hotels aimed at the business traveler in Wuhan. If you are in Wuhan on business and you have a couple of hours spare, there are many exciting local attractions you may wish to view. Many tourists can be found flocking to attractions such as the massive East Lake, the Hubei Provincial Museum, Yellow Crane Tower, Jiqing Street, the Rock and Bonsai Museum, and others.

Wuhan is an all-round destination that both business travelers and tourists will find most appealing.

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