Shaanxi Province in China

The Shaanxi Province covers an area of 206 thousand square kilometers and partially spans across the Loess Plateau, the Qinling Mountains and the Yellow River. It is a region of varied climates, with the desert to the north of the Inner Mongolian border and the Qingling Mountains providing a subtropical climate. Xi’an is the capital city of the province, with other significant cities being Lintong, Yan’an, Boaji, Ankang, Tongchuan, Hanzhong and Zianyang.

With a total GDP of 35.7 billion US Dollars at the end of 2004, the Shaanxi province lies 22nd on the income charts for provinces in China. And as varied as the climate might be, so are the economical sectors. Investors, looking at the province as a business destination, will be pleasantly surprised at the vast range of products that are manufactured in this region and the different business opportunities that are available. Within the agricultural sector industries such as millet, sheep, cotton, wheat, corn sweet potatoes and the breeding of cattle and donkeys contributes greatly to the economy of the province. Other industries that are also vital to the income of the Shaanxi province include electronics, energy, textiles, wool, machinery, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. It is also strong in the mining of natural resources, adding gold, coal and mercury to their list of nearly eighty different minerals found in the province. Investment opportunities lie in the food, machinery, chemical, metallurgy, electronics and building industries, making the province a great business destination for investors.

Of course, due to the colorful history and well-preserved sites and attractions, one of the largest industries in the province is tourism. Breathtaking reminders of the past and spectacular feats of architecture remain in this region, luring thousands of tourist and visitors to marvel at these significant monuments. Some of the most popular attractions to the province are the Daquin Pagoda, the Zhao Mausoleum, the Great Mosque, the Bell Tower, the Saanxi History Museum, Forest of Stone Steles Museum, the Biang Biang Noodles and last but not least, the Mausoleum and Terracotta Army Museum.

The Shaanxi Province is filled with ancient discoveries, great opportunities, unforgettable moments and the adventure of a mystical world. It is a province that has managed to conserve its rich history for generations to come while, moving forward in an ever-changing world.

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