Xi’an in China

Xi’an is the capital city of the Shaanxi province. It is not only one of the four oldest cities in China, but it is a city that has witnessed the rise and fall of thirteen dynasties, survived change and held on to its traditions, culture and history. More importantly, it was the city that was ruled by the Qin Dynasty, and a city that is home to the world famous Terracotta Army that is located at the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang. It is for this amazing 1970’s discovery that visitors and tourists stream to Xi’an.

The city runs from the Qinling Mountains to the Wei River that is located in the south, with the Hua Shan Mountains to the east. At first glance, Xi’an seems to be more equipped for the tourist industry, than a serious business destination. Even though tourism does play a major role in the income of the city and the Shaanxi province, it does have a bustling economy that accommodates more than just travelers.

To the mid-west and the northwestern regions of China, Xi’an is the biggest industrial center. It is a landlocked city that does not have direct access to a seaport. Because of the age of the city, its economy has been built up very slowly, giving it a stable infrastructure and steady growth. It is fortunate enough to have a great network of transport including roads, air travel, highways and railways and has in recent years improved communications, water supplies and power. A guaranteed increase in income every year has attracted major companies such as IBM, Toshiba, Coca-Cola, Mitsubishi, ABB and Rolls Royce to invest in the city. Therefore confirming that there are many investment opportunities in Xi’an and that it is a favorable business destination. Foreign investments into industries such as biotechnology, electronics, food, beverages, textile, professional services, real estate and equipment manufacturing are encouraged, opening many new options for investors. At present the city relies on its industrial sector and trade industries, of which most are manufacturing industries, for its import and export sector.

But, as mentioned before, Xi’an is a major tourist attraction, and with sites such as the Drum Tower, Great Mosque of Xi’am, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Stele Forest, History Museum, department stores, shopping centers and a dazzling nightlife, it is hard to resist the temptation to explore the city, even while on business.

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