Hefei in China

A bright, colourful city with a booming industry and sprawling ground plan, Hefei is a traveller’s dream destination. This is the perfect place to combine business with pleasure and a businessperson may well find that Hefei is the ultimate travel destination in China. Hefei is the capital of the Anhui Province and is situated between the Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers. Its location is strategically important because it means that Hefei can be easily accessed from any part of the country, making it of prime commercial value.

From a tourism viewpoint, Hefei in China is a jewel. With more than 2000 years of history, there is no shortage of interesting attractions to see in and around the city. Some examples are the Huangshan Mountain, the Taiping Lake, the ancient town of Shouxian and the Imperial Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty. Within the city itself there are more than 30 different tourist attractions as well as plenty of excellent facilities to cater for tourists. In fact, Hefei has the distinction of being the ‘Top Tourist City in China’. It’s steadily growing tourist infrastructure has resulted in a boost in both attractions and accommodation and this has had a positive effect on the local economy. There are also hundreds of excellent restaurants and shops where visitors can enjoy a bite to eat and some retail therapy. Add to this the fantastic weather and you’ll find Hefei is a great tourist destination.

Of course, for the astute businessperson, travel is never just about relaxation. If you can conduct some effective business meetings while on holiday you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Travelling business people in Hefei will be happy to know that the city’s GDP has enjoyed consistent two-digit growth for the last 20 years. Annual sales of consumer goods, fiscal revenue and local revenue are well into the billions and import and export volumes are not only in the billions, but are also increasing steadily. By the end of 2004, some US $3 171.54 million was invested in the city, with much of this coming from 12 of the Fortune listed World Top 500 companies. Of course Hefei has certain investment policies in place, but these are not very restrictive and definitely help to promote investment and trade. It is easy to see that Hefei is the business traveller’s dream destination, so why not start investigating investment opportunities in Hefei today? You’ll be surprised at what you find.

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