Nanjing in China

Situated beside the Yangtze River, Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, has always been one of China’s more important cities, having maintained a prominent place throughout several dynasties. This prosperous and culturally rich city is among the top 4 on the list of Great Ancient Capitals of China. Nanjing has administrative jurisdiction over 10 districts and 5 counties, covering an area of 6,516 kilometers and with a population exceeding 5,2 million.

Nanjing has long served as a national hub of education, transportation, commerce, research and tourism. With its rapidly developing economy, Nanjing has been identified as an area with good prospects for further development and has attracted investments from local and foreign business people who recognize the advantages of trading in the province of Jiangsu. Modern railways and highways connect Nanjing to most major cities throughout China. Luxury hotels, skyscrapers and shopping malls stocked with an array of foreign products, are changing the face of the city. Transport throughout the city is efficient and convenient, with taxis, public buses and a metro service. Several colleges and universities in Nanjing add to the appeal of the city.

The fact that Nanjing has been a capital city through several Chinese imperial dynasties is evident in the Imperial mausoleums, traditional garden buildings, old temples and museums that have been preserved and have become major tourist attractions. The planetarium and observatory on the side of spectacular Mount Zijinshan are famous attractions for science fans and tourists. To the west of Mount Zijinshan is Xuanwu Lake, a former imperial navy training centre, which is now popular for fishing and boating. On the southern end of the city is the Quin Haui River, where the cityscape and the landscape blend together beautifully. Gongyuan Street, which had a dubious reputation in the past, has been renovated and now has the charm of an ancient shopping area, with antique temples and restaurants, resulting in it becoming a popular tourist spot. Another attraction is the fairs that are held in Nanjing. These include the Jinling Lanterns Fair, the Nanjing International Plum Fair and the Cherry Blossom Fair.

More and more business travellers and tourists are realising what treasures are to be found in the beautiful city of Nanjing and are making a point of visiting the city. Why not join them?

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