Nanchang in China

Situated 60 kilometres south of the Yangtze River on the banks of the Gan River is the beautiful city of Nanchang, the capital of the Jiangxi Province. The metropolitan area of Nanchang has a population of almost two million.

Apart from having significant historical value, Nanchang is the economic, political and cultural centre of Jiangxi Province. The Ford Motor Company, in a joint venture with Jiangling Motors since 1997, has a plant in Nanchang which assembles the Ford Transit van. In 2005 a sport utility vehicle, called Landwind, manufactured at this plant was introduced to the European markets, earning Jiangling Motors the distinction of being the first Chinese company to market cars in Europe. The economy is also supported by various other industries, as well as agriculture, with rice and oranges being the main crops produced. The mineral wealth of the Jianxi Province has also proven to be of some benefit to the economy of Nanchang. The Bureau of Railways which oversees the railway systems in the provinces of Jiangxi and Fujian, is based in Nanchang. Also, this is where the Beijing-Jiulong Railway and the Shanghai-Kunming Railway meet, making it an important transport hub.

The business person who is attracted to Nanchang because of opportunities for trade and investment, will find many places of interest to visit. The Tengwang Pavilion, which dates back to 653 AD pays tribute to Nanchang’s long and outstanding history. The original Tengwang pavilion was damaged by fire in 1926, but restoration and reconstruction between 1983 and 1989 has resulted in a landmark which is considered to be the pride of the inhabitants of Nanchang. The Tengwang Pavilion gives prominence to culture, being a place where many learned men having gathered to write articles and to hold banquets. Other noteworthy attractions are Bayi Square (otherwise known as People’s Square), which covers approximately 78,000 square meters, and the Star of Nanchang, which is the world’s tallest ferris wheel.

Nanchang itself is very beautiful, with the Gan River winding through the city and many lakes in the vicinity. Thanks to the fresh air and clear water, Nanchang is fondly known as “green pearl” in southern China. There are certainly many reasons for adding a visit to Nanchang on your list of things-to-do.

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