Shenyang in China

Shenyang is not only the provincial capital of Liaoning province, it is the largest city in Northeast China. Its location makes it an important industrial center in the country, and its value as a transportation and commercial center to the northeastern parts of the country cannot be underestimated. Shenyang in China is not only an important industrial base and center of trade, but it is also a famous historical city with more than 2000 years of history behind it. You will find this great city at the heart of Liaoning Province.

Those interested in trade in Shenyang will discover that it is a thriving industrial center. However, the focus of industry has differed quite a bit over the last forty years. Up until recently the focus was on heavy industry with machine tools, heavy equipment and aerospace and defense equipment being given priority. During the 1970s, this helped to make Shenyang one of the top three industrial centers in the country. However, it wasn’t much later that the importance of such heavy industries declined and the economy took a turn for the worst. Thankfully the city’s economy has been revived in recent years, largely due to the efforts of the Chinese government who has aided in the rapid development of the software, auto manufacture and electronics industries in the city. As a result of all these years of trade, most major industrial companies are headquartered in Shenyang. You will find several major companies here, including, Brilliance China Auto, Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, Neusoft Group and Shenyang Machine Tool Group.

Because the city of Shenyang has such a strong focus on trade and industrial development, many of its citizens live a very materialistic lifestyle. There are dozens of shops and shopping centers were tourists and locals can spend hours spending their hard-earned cash. The most notable shopping areas are Taiyuan Street, Wu’ai Market and Middle Street. There are also a variety of excellent historical, geographical and cultural attractions. Mukden palace, also sometimes called the Shenyang Imperial Palace, is a not to be missed historical site. The tombs of the first and second Qing emperors can be found at different locations around the city and the World Horticulture Exposition Garden is a treat for anyone with ‘green fingers’. Those looking for a great place to relax will find the Qipan Mountain to be exactly what they need, while everyone should visit the fascinating ‘Strange Slope’ or ‘Guaipo’ at least once. This massive slope, which measures eighty meters in length, seems to reverse gravity – pulling cars and bicycles with ease to the top and making it difficult for them to descent again. Pedestrians also find it difficult to walk up and down the hill.

It is worth noting that Shenyang was a venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games football (soccer) matches so it will soon become a house-hold name. A lot of effort has gone into making sure that this city is capable of providing good lodging, dining and transportation, so visitors can be confident that they will enjoy their stay here.

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