Taiyuan in China

Taiyuan is the capital city of the Shanxi Province and has an illustrious history of war, royal dynasties and ancient traditions that originate from as far back as the year 500 B.C. Legendary dynasties such as the Qin Dynasty (renaming the city from Jinyang to Taiyuan), Tang Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and the Sui Dynasty have produced many ruling Kings, and the city is therefore affectionately known as the 'Dragon City'. The colorful past of the city has created, not only a city that has become a favorable business destination, but popular with tourists that flock here to marvel at its natural splendor and architectural wonders.

As a lure to tourists, the city of Taiyuan is home to a host of noteworthy attractions and breathtaking sights. Amongst them are the Jinci Temple, Shuanglin Monastery, Chongshansi Monastery (Lofty Benevolence Monastery), Liu Xiang Lane, Yongle Palace, Memorial Temple of Jin, the Twin Pagoda Temple, Tianlong Shan Stone Caves and spectacular recreational areas along the Fen River. It is also a city that is known for its tasty and good quality cuisine, such as Steamed Dumplings, Fen Wine, Shanxi noodles, locally produced vinegar, Tou Nao, Mutton Soup and Zhuye Qing Wine. The Liuxiang shopping district, bustling nightlife and reliable public transport, makes this city extremely popular with visitors and contributes greatly to the tourism industry within the city.

Business opportunities are scattered amongst the various industries and sectors of the city’s economy, and Taiyuan is seen by many foreign investors as a lucrative business destination. The economy of the city of Taiyuan has grown and improved with every passing year, for example, the city’s GDP increased by 14.7 percent between the years of 2003 to 2005. With its main industries being the production of steel and iron, Taiyuan is has started to look at new avenues and industries, opening various business opportunities to investors. Innovative projects are encouraged by the authorities of the city, including the development of technology, energy, equipment, the upgrading of products and fulfilling market requirements. The development zone that was established in the city has led to many new industries and products being introduced to the Taiyuan market.

Visitors might also find it interesting to know, that Taiyuan is also home to the head office of the Wuzhai Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre, or TSLC, which has completed many successful satellite launches into space, and they also test missiles at the facility. Taiyan is a city with of many surprises and interesting attractions around every corner. It is a destination that will interest the casual visitor and serious business person.

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