Chengdu in China

The populous city of Chengdu is located in the southwest parts of China in Sichuan province. The city is an economic, transportation and communication hub for the country and it is the provincial capital of the region. It is also the fifth most populous city in China and enjoys more than four thousands years of history. In fact, Chengdu in China has always enjoyed a large population. In the Bronze Age, the area became the seat of the Jinsha culture and soon the region was bustling with people. By 2006, the population had reached an astounding 10.03 million people. One of the reasons for its prosperity is its location in the fertile Chengdu plain which has proved to provide bountiful agricultural blessings over the centuries.

Trade in Chengdu is booming and has been for hundreds of years. Since the city is home to several key industries it plays a significant role in China’s economy – both on a domestic and international scale. In centuries past, Chengdu was the capital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today, this ancient practice has been expanded into pharmaceuticals and now Chengdu is a leading pharmaceutical and traditional Chinese remedy producer in the country. Recent years have also seen it become a national base for the electronic and IT industry. This facet of the local economy has proved to so be good that several multinational companies, such as Motorola, NOKIA, Intel and Microsoft, now have buildings in Chengdu. In 1023, Chengdu became the first city in the world to make use of paper currency known as ‘Jiao Zi’. Today the city is slowly building itself into a major financial hub for western China and so far it has managed to attract a number of major international financial institutions, such as Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC and ABN AMRO. Agriculture continues to be excellent with the soil fed by the Dijiangyan Irrigation Project which was made in 256 BC. Here, the Min and Tuo Rivers feed an area of over 700 square kilometers in size.

But of course, a city with this sort of history is not only famous for its business opportunities and thriving economy but also for its tourist attractions. Chengdu is world-renowned for its teahouses, so if you visit, you should definitely try to spend some time in one. There are also a wide variety of historical attractions, such as the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, the Wenshu Monastry and the Wuhou Memorial Temple. The Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area and the Huan Long Valley are great places to get better acquainted with nature, while the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center is the only one of its kind in the world and it is a must for all those interested in nature conservation. So visit Chengdu and discover everything you could want in one location.

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